Influenced by an early life of journalism and photography, the software I enjoy building is a mixture of interfaces that experiment, and interfaces that teach. I’m most interested in work that allows me to ask questions of the overlap between art and science. I’ll always be a child of the open web.

In school I spent my time studying the world and people as a photojournalist, understanding our cycles and needs through economics, and attempting to write accessible software. You can find a full resume here. I also spent a lot of time researching student journalism with the goal of making newsrooms more experimental.

Outside of my work I spend time helping run communities in Toronto that support diversity in both journalism and software. I also spend time finding hills to climb in running shoes, and reading books to climb into different realities.

If you want to talk about a project, the best way to get in touch is either Twitter or email.

Many thanks to Z. Bryant for the beaver illustration you see on the home page.