Building a GIF site for Martha

May 28, 2012

A few months ago just before heading to bed I got a text from Stephen with a “stupid idea”.

The idea centered around being able to save any GIF to Gifpost that catches your eye online. This would save you from having to download the GIF to be able to find it next time you want to use it.

A couple weeks later and was born. Full credit to Stephen for doing all the heavy lifting on the backend.

A few months after releasing the site online, it started getting used by people that weren’t just our friends.

Rapper Mac Miller used it to announce his new album:

So, it turns out building a tool with a very specific focus–however trivial–can be helpful to a certain audience. Maybe everyone that needs your tool won’t find it right away.

July 2015 update: site was shut down as traffic had slowed and finding time to do maintenance was tricky.